55" LED TV

Equivalent to a massive 140cm's, a 55" LED Television will well & truly make sure that wherever you put it, people will watch it. We recommend you find a medium to large sized room for these puppies, as they take up quite a bit of space and can overwhelm a room if placed incorrectly. The large size of a 55" LED TV is perfectly suited for home cinema. So much so that it looks ridiculous in a bedroom or other small-medium sized room.

The great thing about a 55" LED Television is that it really gives some visual grunt behind any High Definition (HD) source. Blueray movies shine on a LED screen of this size, and coupled with a decent surround sound system, you've got a cranking home cinema system that will have your friends making excuses to come over and visit (insist they bring wine, food, and contribute to the power bill!)

LED technology is known for it's low power consumption, which is a crucial factor for a screen of this size. Expect a power saving of  25 - 50% from an equivalent plasma or LCD TV.

Prices for 55" LED TV's range into the thousands, but the good news for you is that they are dropping every day. Compare up-to-date daily prices on eBay right now. Simply click on any item for more information.

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