22 Inch LED TVPurchasing a 22" LED Television is a wise idea if you are strapped for space. If you need a smaller TV that will fit in a smallish room, such as student dorm or bedroom. 22" LED TV's are usually designed to fit on a bookshelf, small desk, or can be mounted on a side wall for viewing convenience.

Popular, quality brands include Samsung, Sony, Kogan & Vision, with Samsung offering the largest feature set, usually including the ability to play external media from USB Storage.

Whilst most 22" LED TV's feature HD (High Definition) Tuners, the screen resolution is not usually large enough to actually show full HD Resolution. If you are looking for full HD Clarity, you may want to look at purchasing a 32" LED TV, or larger size. However, if you are happy with a smaller size LED Television that will fit perfectly in a small space, you can't go past a 22 inch LED TV.

Prices for LED's in general are always changing, and it helps to look around and find the best price. Below you'll find prices for 22" LED TV's on eBay. Simply click on any item for more information, you'll be taken to the eBay product page.

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